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Joyce's Journey

  Not My Plan



Parents Learn from Sherlock Holmes

Posted on October 27, 2015 at 2:30 PM

I love mystery stories with Sherlock Holmes, the best known detective in literature. Sherlock and his partner Dr. Watson were characters that traveled the world of adventure and shocking peril. Like them, my husband and I soon became a detective team for our daughter with special needs. She couldn’t talk. She couldn’t walk. This led us to study her body language and limited gestures to determine her needs and joys. Somedays, it felt like I was watching a silent movie. If only she could speak, my mind wouldn’t be so cluttered with questions. My head soon flooded with so much information that I carried a journal to record my thoughts. Like Sherlock and Dr. Watson, my husband and I were opposites. He was the upbeat positive witty person and— for several years I remained the realistic, sad worrier. Many days were filled with grief due Amy’s limited progress. Two years passed before I stopped asking “what if?” and focused on every positive victory whether holding a bottle or receiving a big smile. I needed to become Sherlock. Soon, my detective skills became honed into every gesture, cry and movement that Amy made. At the age of two and a half, Amy started using the word, ma. We still didn’t know if it meant mom—me or was it just an easy sound to say. None the less, we called it progress. Then, it happened, Amy started playing the organ. What? Shocked and amazed, I still don’t understand her special talent. But, I am truly grateful for her love for music.

For two years, the audiogist informed us that Amy was deaf--only feeling vibrations. Thankfully, God had other plans. He gave her purpose and a skill to play.

I don’t think even Sherlock Holmes could have determined this outcome. Don’t give up. Every child has a passion inside waiting to be discovered. Put on your detective hat, You can find their passion!

Categories: Special Needs