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Wheeling with Gratitude

Posted on December 1, 2015 at 1:25 PM



Wheeling with Gratitude

Insight from  Not My Plan Author Joyce Yexley

In college, one assignment entailed an entire class to play-role as either a caregiver or a physically disabled person in a wheel chair. For three hours, students were paired to attend a class, eat a meal in the cafeteria, travel in a vehicle and use the restroom. Tasks such as; opening a door without slamming it on your leg, maneuvering a wheelchair through a cafeteria line while holding onto a tray; and using the restroom in a wheelchair became a frustrating experience for both students. It may sound easy, but after one hour every student in the wheelchair wanted to stand and be removed from their bondage. When we lose our physical capabilities, we instantly realize how fortunate we are to have a healthy body to perform simple everyday tasks.

As a full-time caregiver for my child with special needs, I am constantly revising furniture and pathways to help her navigate her wheelchair. As a parent, I am trying to help her gain her independence. Amazingly, this is same way God is constantly monitoring, watching, and assisting with our needs. It doesn’t take long to realize the intense physical and mental requirements needed to be a caregiver. Help from our heavenly father, strangers and friends are cherished gifts. It is in these challenges that a heart of gratitude can bloom. As a parent, I have learned to focus on God’s mercy and acts of kindness from unexpected helpers, coffee with a friends and words of encouragement. We all want life easy, fast and simple, but challenges teach us patience and patience teaches us character.

Reading inspirational messages from Joni Eareckson Tada who became a paraplegic after an diving accident gives me hope and an appreciation for health. Daily I have to wheel past discouraging tasks and celebrate the abilities that my child can do. Gratefully, our blessed Savior does the same for us. He is constantly monitoring, watching, protecting and assisting with our every need.


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