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Becoming a Parent of an Extraordinary Child

Posted on December 18, 2015 at 1:00 AM

                                         Are you a Parent of a Special Child?

   Preparing to become a parent is an exciting journey. For nine months you read, study, and follow the medical transition of each trimester of your baby’s development. You knew parenting came with challenging moments and disappointments, but you never dreamed that you would be an parent of a child with special needs.

1) Shock is your first response. It’s okay to feel numb and sad. Your perfect dream has just been shattered. You want someone or anyone to say something to make the pain of your heartache to go away. Yet, there is no relief.

2) Sadness. It becomes hard to talk without tears. You may cry uncontrollable for a few days. The pain is real. Heartache is hard to describe to another person even if they are your family. Just tell them, “I am really sad, but I am working through it. Please, pray for me and our family.”

3) Grief. When sadness stays, you may go into grieving. It’s okay. You have the right to absorb the loss. You need time to adjust to this unexpected role. You will need extra support from your spouse and friends to get through this period. Don’t push them away. Just tell them you need time to absorb the information.

4) Anger. Perfect parents don’t have a meltdown, but, it is normal if you do. No one is perfect. Are you talking louder and louder? Have you noticed you are barking back answers to your children and spouse? Has your smile been replaced with a frown of despair? Are you losing control of your emotions? Stop and pray.


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