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Fanny's Mountains and Valleys

Posted on January 7, 2016 at 9:15 PM


Do you have a favorite song to celebrate with? God gives us songs not only on the mountain tops but also in the lonely valleys. It is easy to    rejoice when things are going well. But during sleepless nights of sorrow and grief, God carries us through each journey with a new song—a song      of  hope and grace.

Fanny Crosby, (1820-1915) America’s prolific hymn writer authored over 8,000 hymns in total blindness. Raised by a patient grandmother, Fanny studied the Bible along with lessons of nature, birds and animals. Many of Fanny’s songs and poems were inspired in her bedroom after she retire to bed at ten o’clock . There she could quiet her thoughts. In quiet darkness and prayer, words tumbled in her memory until the lyrics were recorded on paper the following morni.

Fanny had no formal training until the age of fifteen, then she enrolled in the New York Institute for the Blind. She soon became known for her     poetry and songs. She came to know and recite for every America President during her lifetime as well as being an advocate for the blind and             homeless.

Although Fanny lived sightless, she traveled, spoke and recited her inspirational messages as she leaned on the presence of God’s grace. She   said, “God turned her blindness into a blessing.”

Fanny Cosby became the Queen of hymn writing. A few of her most popular hymns are: Blessed Assurance,To God be the Glory,Simply   Trusting and A Wonderful Savior.

Note: If you wrote one song with 3-4 verses a day, it would take over 20 years to creates over 8,000 songs. She also authored hundreds of songs under seperate pen names to not appear prideful.

Dear God, Help me share your grace.

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