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Joyce's Journey

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Living with dad

Posted on January 24, 2016 at 2:10 PM

Living With Dad

Standing six feet one with dark hair and a muscular physique, I considered my dad quite handsome. To me, he looked like young James Garner with the baritone voice of John Wayne. His kindness and compassion was his greatest asset along with his smile. He looked rugged in his denim shirt and overalls. My duties includied washing all his work clothes and hanging them on the hooks in the basement wash room.


As a young girl, I watched dad glide across the farmyard with giant steps. When I tried to follow him, I had to jog to keep up with his fast pace. He had a driving force to complete his endless list of farm chores; repairing equipment, feeding animals and building fences. He could weld, build granaries, haul pigs, doctor cattle and start each day at the crack of dawn with a smile. He always woke with a smile on his face. I did not received his enthusiasm for early mornings. My smile did not appear before nine o’clock in the morning. When dad spoke, you listened. Grumbling was not allowed. Dad was Mr. Positive. He refused to accept doom and gloom. He complimented my sister and I on every meal we made even if it was another simple hamburger.


Later, my favorite moments were assisting dad prepare for special events. I was the caretaker of dad’s white shirt for church and his business meetings. This task also included checking his hair and tie.


When dad served as president of the telephone board, I assisted him in editing his speech and typing it. Before the annual business meetings, I listened while dad practiced his speech until he was comfortable with the words. Every speech started with, “Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen.” There was no doubt that dad loved life and farming. Yet, he enjoyed helping his neighbors and serving on boards to modernize the community. I never saw dad’s work sheet or list of goals. But, I knew he had a work list etched in his mind. He planned every step, every project and every opportunity to improve the farm.


  • He was always reading,
  • always seeking advice,
  • always listening,
  • always watching,
  • always studying,
  • always praying for help,
  • and always thanking God for his mercy and blessings,
  • Dad was a faithful father and provider.
  • My dad, Alfy is 87 years young. He is still reading, praying and thanking the Lord.  

Love you dad.

Joyce Larson Yexley, A Farm girl forever.



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