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Planting New Habits

Posted on February 2, 2016 at 3:25 PM
Planting New Habits

  A New Year needs new habits. How can I be a better person?  Most people hate to set goals for fear of breaking them.  Yet, if we don't know our destination, how will we get there.  I don't want to be like Moses - traveling in circles in the desert for 40 years.  We must realize that good habits produce great results. I want to be a better example for my children, grandchildren and my spouse by acquiring good habits.  This year I found an wonderful article by Author, Frank Sonnenberg entitled "Making it a Habit".  Pass it on.

Make It A Habit...Do it now!
  • - Treat others they way you want to be treated 
  • - Forgive and forget 
  • - Find the good in people
  •  - Save for a rainy day
  •  - Live without regrets 
  • - Listen to your conscience 
  • - Keep your promises 
  • - Pay good deeds forward
  • - Enjoy every moment 
  • - Rely on yourself first
  • - Find a balance 
  • - Be a good role model 
  • - Learn from your mistakes 
  • - Be a good friend 
  • - Keep in touch 
  • - Exercise and eat healthy 
  • - Break out of your comfort zone
  • - Stop worrying 
  • - Value people over things 
  • - Share a compliment - Accept responsibility 
  • - Put yourself in their shoes 
  • - Listen...just listen - Trust others 
  • - Ask for help 
  • - Challenge yourself 
  • - Find time to relax
  • - Tell the truth 
  • - Offer to help 
  • - Make someone smile 
  • - Make memories 
  • - Share with others
  •   Read this list every week. Then, mark off each task after you have completed a task.

Categories: Hope, Parenting