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Joyce's Journey

  Not My Plan



Senior Growing Pains

Posted on February 2, 2016 at 11:50 PM

Senior Growing Pains



Senior Discounts are welcomed. Yet, my new senior status includes traits such as losing my car in the parking lot and forgetting my reading glasses at the restaurant. My greatest fear is acquiring Alzheimer's. Gratefully, it is not a family disease. Now I am observant in studying other seniors. When discovering active seniors, I want to learn their secret to remain attentive and active. Of course, I don’t feel old, but my body does not always agree with my intentions.


Recently, a few limitations have crept into my schedule. Leaving for our winter vacation, I discovered my suitcase was to heavy for me to lift on to the airplane scale. My suitcase weighed forty two pounds which is the same as other trips. Mmmm. What happened to the strength in my arms? Now, I am lifting weights at the gym.


Twelve months earlier a knee injury resulted in surgery with four months of therapy. My U-shaped walker ( borrowed from my 84 year old mother) did not fit through my bathroom door. This prompted the installation of a wider door and a new bath tub. Thankfully, my healthy husband assisted with the household chores for three months without complaining.


Last week my husband informed me his doctor scheduled a stress test to examine his heart. This concerned me so I accompanied him to his next appointment. Sitting in the waiting room were dozens of other seniors waiting for a diagnostic test. After I located a magazine, a lovely couple entered the room and sat next to me. Both were wearing weddings rings so I assumed them married. They sat silent for five minutes. Then the woman asked, Why are we here? The gentleman looked at her and tapped his hand on his heart. She asked again, Why are we here? He replied, because the doctor is checking my heart. She asked, “Why?” He answered, because the doctor wants to check it out. She replied, “That is good.” The gentleman stood and retreated to the beverage area, poured a glass of water and handed it to her without a comment. She took the glass and drank it. She asked, “Why are we here?”  Sadly, I realized she had  memory loss as she repeated the same questions over and over again to her husband. He patiently replied.


I don’t feel old. Yet, my body doesn’t always agree. The greatest fear is not living with my mental faculties. Sometimes, my daily activities require more time. Other days, my legs tell me to stop and rest. I love the days when I feel like an ever-ready bunny working without a break. Slowing down doesn’t bother me. I love coffee breaks. I just want to remember the people and things I love.

The average lifespan for a woman is eighty-one years old. God willing, I have twenty years to live, to love and to pray for others.What is the mission for my life as a senior? To know God and make him known. God has been merciful to me. I am a blessed senior. May I continue to be a faithful servant till he takes me home. 

Not My Plan, Author Joyce Yexley 

Categories: Hope