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Joyce's Journey

  Not My Plan



Still Tender Hearted

Posted on February 24, 2016 at 3:30 PM


When my husband Dave and I first dated, he was very polite. We held hands, rubbed each other backs and cuddled while watching a television movie. He cooked most all the meals for us while we were dating. I hated cooking. He made me feel like a queen. His jokes were silly, but I enjoyed his funny quirks.

Five years after our marriage, I was doing most of the cooking. I still hated cooking, but it had to be done when you are raising two kids. We stopped holding hands as often. Our hands were busy holding onto our girls, walking them to school, helping them with chores and driving them to their sports activities. Watching these special moments, deepen my love for my tender hearted husband. His jokes began silly comments that happened to the girls or something they said—especiallly, “Daddy, why is your nose so big?”

Dave’s favorite activity has become taking the girls to the swimming pool. Our oldest daughter Amy has cerebral palsy. She cannot walk, but she can swim. She laughs and sings her favorite songs while swimming during her magicall time with dad. I still don’t know who is has more fun? Both, I guess. My enjoyment comes from watching them interact. Hannah our youngest enjoys standing on her head in the pool. I haven’t figured out if she wants our attention or if she enjoys her feet dangling in the air.

Thirty years later,  Dave still takes Amy to the swimming pool every Saturday. Amy still sings her favorite songs while dad encourages her to kick her legs one more lap around the pool. For a few minutes every week, we enjoy them as our precious girls. One of my most cherished moments is watching my husband share his tender heart with our girls.

NOT MY PLAN by Joyce Yexley

Author & Writer

Categories: Parenting, Special Needs, Faith & Blessings