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Joyce's Journey

  Not My Plan



Why? It Hurts.

Posted on March 5, 2016 at 3:45 PM
WHY?  It hurts.

Life revolves around the never ending question: Why?


This single word is the secret ingredient in everything we do, say or become. Insightful questions can lead to great leaders, inventions, explorations and overcoming obstacles. Yet, the hardest question to ask is; Why did a tragedy occurred to your loved one or family?


I don’t know why my sweet aunt died at the age of twenty five years old -who was only married one year. I don’t understand why our neighbor’s son was ran over by a tractor? Or, why my neighbor’s son died in a snow mobile accident at the age of nineteen. I don’t know why my friend’s baby was stillborn. It hurts. Someone I loved is gone.


After the grieving and the whys become silence, I have learned to deal with the next phase. How can I live without a loved one, a friend and that missing person in my life? Tragedy is never planned. I do not like accepting this empty feeling. Moving forward is sad without them. Then, I have to remind myself death is part of living and God is still in control.


When I heard about the illness of Joey Feek, my heart ached. Again, I asked why? Why would God allow such a beautiful talented woman suffer the disease of cancer and die at the age of forty? Again, I hurt. In my simple mind, I don’t think I could understand the answer —even if God told me. God’s plans are not my plans. Our heavenly father has it figured out. I must learn to TRUST HIM. He knows our hearts and our doubts. God sees our tears.


Today, I am reminded that before we were formed in my mother’s womb, God knew us. He knew Joey Feek. God knows Rory. He knew they would honor God with their ministry until her departure to a better place. Joey is rejoicing in her new home. A place without pain. Joey knew something better was coming. She trusted God. She served Him with a grateful heart. May we all live to honor our heavenly Father.


Thank you Joey and Rory for sharing, for singing and for serving.

Joyce Yexley

Categories: Faith & Blessings, Hope