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Joyce's Journey

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Tears in a Bottle

Posted on March 13, 2016 at 2:20 PM

“Tears in a bottle “.

In biblical times when men went off to war to fight, the women who were left behind would weep for them before the Lord. They would call out to God to keep them safe and they would cry because they missed them. They had `tear bottles`, that they would put on their cheeks to catch their tears as they cried. Their tears in the bottles were a sign of how much their women missed their men. A symbol of their love, loyalty and devotion. When the men came back, the women would show them how much the had missed them. They would say ” See my tears for you in this bottle, see how much I cried for you, how much I missed you, how much I love you “. (quote- Matthew McDonald)

God sees our tears.  He doesn't need a bottle to remind him of our grief, sorrow or heartaches.  When  doctors informed me that my precious baby had brain damage, my heartache turned into sorrow.  I ached for her future and her challenges.  How could my loving God give me this child? After much prayer, I turned my saddness into joy when God filled me with his peace. 

God knows what is inside us. He created us for his purpose.  God gives us a compassionate heart to love and hurt. Yet, he expects us to trust his plan and follow his will--not our desires of the flesh.  I am thankful he didn't give up on me. He molded me into a better mother, a faithful caregiver and a forgiving person.  I don't understand his plan, but I trust him.

The Bible says, "Before you were formed in your mother's womb, I knew you, before you were boron I set you apart and appointed you" Jeremiah 1:5  God says in Psalm 56 v 8 ( KJV ) ” Put thou my tears into thy bottle ” ( NIV ) ” Record my lament; list my tears on your scroll ( my tears in a bottle ) are they not in your record? “

Author, Joyce Yexley

FB:  Grief to Gratitude

Categories: Hope