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Joyce's Journey

  Not My Plan



Pushed by Enemies

Posted on April 2, 2016 at 4:15 PM

Pushed by Enemies.

The children of Israel welcomed the day they were freed from slavery. No more endless hours of heavy labor, little food, and battered bodies. Their hearts rejoiced as the packed their belongings to leave Egypt forever. With gleeful anticipation, their heart flooded with anticipation to reach the Promised Land. Little did they realized that within hours, King Pharaoh would change his mind.


Hours later, clouds of dust revealed that Pharaoh and his soldiers were rapidly approaching.

Looking back, the Israelites saw soldiers racing towards them in war armor with chariots and horses. The atmosphere of fear exploded. Doubt engulfed their mind as they began to question their dire destiny. Have we been betrayed? Was Moses wrong? Will be perish before we reach the Promised Land?


As they cried out to Moses, the Israelites soon discovered they were trapped between the Egyptian soldiers and the mighty Red Sea. Defeat looked enviable. Should they fight or swim? The outcome seemed hopeless. Then Moses cried out to God. God swiftly parted the Red Sea

with a mighty wind creating a pathway to their Promised Land and was of escape.


Lesson Learned: Our leaders need to hear from God. And, we must obey and submit to follow God’s guidance. God is faithful to rescue from evil when we ask, seek and trust his divine plan.

Sometimes, we wait until we are backed up against a wall, before we ask for help.


Joyce Yexley

Author: Not My Plan


Categories: Hope, Faith & Blessings