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Good Bye Terry Redlin

Posted on April 28, 2016 at 6:25 PM
Good Bye Terry Redlin

Artist Terry Redlin captured the nostalgia of Midwest living. He painted each outdoor scene with a mystic glow of sun light reflecting across the canvas. Miraculously, he gave us a snap shot of country living including: corn fields, harvest time, winter nature, and Christmas at the white country church. I first discovered this artist while living in Kansas City. From across the room, a picture of a familiar prairie scene captured my attention. I soon discovered this artist had captured a South Dakota sunset on the prairie where I had lived. Joy and pleasant memories flooded my soul. As an amateur artist, I envied his talent to create the spirit of my South Dakota heritage. It brought comfort to this homesick lady.



Twenty years later, Redlin built an architectural museum in Watertown, South Dakota to display his prairie legacy in this gallery. As a Watertown native, he continued painting and sharing his memories of rural life until health issues in 2007. This week, Terry Redlin passed away. Thankfully, he us left precious gifts sketched on canvas capturing sunsets and rural family living. With deep apreciation, thank you Terry Redlin for sharing your artist talent with the world.





Author Joyce Yexley, 
Not My Plan

Categories: Faith & Blessings