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Posted on July 11, 2019 at 4:25 PM

     My german great grandmother married on July 1887 in Columbia, SD. She raised eleven children on the Dakota Prairie with cloth diapers, no hot running water, no electric wash machine, no microwave and without Advil. I can’t image the energy required to cook daily meals on a coal burning stove or toilet train a toddler with an outdoor toilet and a few small tin bowls for night time and cold winter days. Maybe this is the reason why many boy toddlers wore a long shirt dress until they learned to unbutton their trousers.

     In the 1960s, my fraternal grandma Mae still had an outdoor toilet on her farm. The small unpainted shack rested on the edge of her farmyard next to her chicken coops. I reluctantly used the weathered wooden single hole commode twice; first for the experience and once for an emergency. Then I understood why she kept the convenient building.

     Today, I sit in my air-conditioned home with a deep freeze full of ready-made meals and the latest instant coffee brewer for my daily caffeine fix. My indoor porcelain toilet has a silent flush and an automatic freshener. I admit it. I am spoiled. Lord, thank you for giving me a warm comfortable house.

Joyce Yexley
Girl on the Prairie

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